What is the capacity?
For the full venue rental, we can host 80 guests for a seated meal or 100-125 guests for a cocktail style party depending on the setup and service.
For a partial venue rental (front room only), we can host 26 guests for a seated meal or 45 guests for a cocktail style party.

How long is the rental period?
For a full service event, the rental period is 12 hrs.

What time do events need to end?
We host events until 12:00 AM

Do I need event insurance?
Per our contract terms, you would be responsible for any major damage to the space, so insurance is recommended if you want to be extra careful and covered.

Do you have vendor restrictions?
As a requirement, we handle all food & beverages, staffing and basic rentals in-house.
Please reach out for our recommended vendors list.

Do my vendors need insurance?
Yes, all vendors need to provide a COI.

What staff is included?
Staffing is determined based on the number of guests, the amount of setup and break down time required, as well as the complexity of the menu served. Our team will always include an event captain to manage venue and catering on the day of the event. When we send you a proposal we will include the estimated costs for the number of staff needed to execute your event.

What rentals are included?
Depending on your event needs, all furniture, service-ware, dinnerware, cutlery and glassware is brought in. We have some existing small decorative tables, sofas and benches in-house that are already available for your event. We also have a disco ball!
As a requirement, we coordinate all rentals on your behalf with our vendor, Broadway Party Rentals. When we send you a proposal we will include the estimated costs for all basic rentals needed to execute your event.
You may visit the Broadway Party Rentals showroom or browse their website if you'd like to pick out which specific tabletop pieces, chairs, linens etc. you'd like to use based on your overall decor plans.
You may contract any other specialty rental vendors directly.

What setup am I responsible for?
Our staff will receive the rental delivery and set up the furniture and set the table a few hours before the event start time. You can decorate the space as you’d like, as well as the tables after our staff sets them up.

What breakdown am I responsible for?
Our staff will break down all rentals and pack them to be ready for pickup. Rentals will be picked up the next working day unless there is an event the day after. Our staff takes care of the pickup coordination.
You are responsible for breaking down any decorations on the same night.
You can leave any floral arrangements in the space as long as it’s previously coordinated.

Do you provide decorations or flowers?
We do not provide florals or additional decoration than what is already at the space, which includes the furniture in the brochure pictures and votives for the tables. We can recommend vendors if you would like, or you could arrange your own flowers the day of the event.
Balloons and confetti are not allowed in the venue.

Can we bring in outside food & beverages?
We provide all beverage service at The Castle, so we are not able to have guests bring in their own liquor.
We provide all food service at The Castle, but can make exceptions for items like desserts. A plating fee of $5 per person would apply, but can be waived if you’re already purchasing dessert service from us.

Do you have heating / air conditioning?
We have heating and air conditioning in the front and main rooms.

Where is the restroom?
We have two restrooms in the venue and one in the upstairs office/suite.

Is there parking?
Street parking is readily available in the neighborhood.

What are your audio / video specs?
We have a speaker system that you could connect to a playlist for music throughout the space at a moderate volume, but for a dance party we suggest booking a DJ and having them bring a separate PA system.

Audio: Onkyo TX-8270 Receiver and Cambridge SX-60 Speakers for music throughout the space.

Video: Not available, rentals required.

Can we light the fireplace?
Yes, weather pending.

Can I have candles in the space?
We provide votives for the tables, you can bring additional candles if they are in appropriate vessels and will not drip. We reserve the right to remove any candles that are in an unsafe area.

Is there a coat check?
We provide a coat rack for your guests. We can provide coat check service for an additional fee.

Are you available for shoot rentals?
Yes, please contact us at to confirm availability and receive an initial proposal.


Can I have a ceremony in the space?
We can host short standing ceremonies in the front room, but depending on your guest count, they can be tight. We could have partial seating using in house benches or a few dining chairs for anyone who would be more comfortable seated. Weather pending, we can open the windows to make more room.
We cannot host ceremonies in the main room prior to a fully seated dinner.
If you’re having a cocktail style party, we can host the ceremony in the main room as well.

Where can I get ready?
The rental fee includes access to our 2nd floor office/suite. There are full length mirrors, two small private rooms and a restroom for you to use. Please note that our staff will be using an area to store their personal belongings and we may need access to the office during set up.

Can I have a fully seated dinner and a dance party?
Yes! After dinner we could serve dessert in the front room and while guests make their way there we can start breaking down some of the tables to make more room for a dance floor. We would keep some partial seating in the main area for guests to sit and be near the action, and we can turn on the disco ball and create a dance floor.


What are The Castle rental rates?
Please contact us at with your event information to receive our rates.

How do I book a date?
Please contact us at to confirm availability and receive an initial proposal.

How far in advance can I book an event?
We do not contract events more than a year in advance, but we can provide an initial proposal and hold dates for you in the meantime.

What is your policy if someone else is interested in my event date?
Our policy is to honor whichever party is first to move forward with a deposit. We can let you know if there’s an existing inquiry or if we receive another inquiry after you.

What deposit is required?
A 50% deposit of the full amount is required to save the date. The balance invoice will be sent a few days prior to your event and due on the day of the event.

How should I place a deposit if I don’t have a confirmed guest count?
If you do not have an idea of your final guest count we would suggest booking for the lower end of your estimated guest count.
It's always easier to add guests as long as we can accommodate them in the venue. After we confirm an estimate we only allow a 10% decrease from the booking guest count.  

When do you need the final guest count?
We need a confirmed guest count 2 weeks before the event. At this date the guest count agreed upon in the deposit can be decreased by a maximum of 10%, and can be increased as long as we are able to accommodate those guests.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, bank transfers, or credit card payments. There is a processing fee of 3% for all credit card charges. We take credit card payments via Square, most cards are accepted.

What is the administration fee?
All events are subject to a 15% administration fee which is based on the full cost of the event. The fee covers our time and any other ancillary expenses incurred during the planning leading up to the event. We charge the same fee for any events in the NYC area, regardless of venue. An administrative fee is an industry standard, and covers all of the associated costs with producing an event.

Do you cater outside of the NYC area?
Yes, for any events outside of the NYC area there is a 20% administration fee plus any travel expenses for our staff and equipment.

Is gratuity included?
Gratuity is not necessary but up to your discretion. All employees hired for events are paid flat hourly banquet rates rather than a calculated gratuity or tip.


Is there different food & beverage pricing for children?
We exclude all minors from bar package pricing. If there's a significant amount of children we may charge a non-alcoholic beverage fee, but for 2-4 kids it's not a problem.
For meals, kids under 5 are not included. Kids between 5 and 13 are charged $40 for dinner and full price dessert fee. Kids above 13 are charged a full price dinner and dessert fee.

Do you offer vendor meals?
We exclude all vendors from bar package pricing. Vendor meals are $30 per person.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?
Yes, we aim to accommodate all dietary restrictions and offer at least one entrée per guest for a full meal service. Please let us know of you and your guests dietary restrictions in advance.

Can we schedule a tasting?
If you book an event with a full meal service, a menu planning tasting for two is included and will be scheduled prior to your event.
We can also schedule tastings prior to a deposit, there is a fee of $100 per tasting guest. If you book an event with us after your tasting, the fee for up to two guests will be deducted from the balance invoice.
After placing a deposit for wedding cake service, a cake tasting for two is included.
Additional tasting guests may incur a fee. All tastings take place at The Castle.